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"The Beherit can grant great power to those who earn it, but will consume any who fail."

Trapped and alone, you must uncover the truth behind the gemstone known as the Beherit and overcome its nightmare.

It will be no easy task, requiring you to navigate an ever expanding level and solve a wide array of puzzles, all the while being hunted by an advanced AI system.

BEHERIT was created in a 5-week period, and makes use of my 'Horror AI Toolkit' to power the AI enemies.

The average play-though should take around an hour.

Rated 3.9 out of 5 stars
(15 total ratings)
GenreAdventure, Puzzle
Made withUnity
TagsAtmospheric, FPS, Horror, Singleplayer, Survival Horror, Unity
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse

Install instructions

Unzip the folder and run Beherit.exe.


Beherit_v1.4.zip 651 MB

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This Game was really entertaining and in some points creepy. We liked all the riddles and had no problems to progress in the game. But we still didn’t unterstand why we had a gun in the game, it wasn’t really necessary. But overall ist was a nice game! Good job! 

So sorry that I'm so late with this comment, but I just wanted to say... Had an absolute blast playing this beautiful little horror game!

The visuals were absolutely insane and I loved them to death! The atmosphere and sounds really contributed to the overall bone-chilling feel, and man oh man was I regretting it (but in a good way lol). And not to mention the lighting... THE LIGHTING!!! So pretty and well made!

The only suggestion I would have for this game would be to possibly give the mannequin's some sound effects for their motion/kill animation, even if it's super subtle. Might give a bit more of a fear factor to them moving! :)

Either way, loved the game to death! Great work! :)

Hello sir, gotta say nice toolkit you have there. But too much effects, while playing it was really hard to see anything. you need a vsync support for sure, my gpu vent crazy on this one. (240hz monitor)
Head bobbing is also not great, causes motion sickness fast, i understand that i had to do some kind of puzzle that i didn't understand at all.
I would have wished to see the AI system, but the only thing blocking me was the puzzle, if anyone is going to add in puzzles for the game they need to be easy when starting the game, and also you should add objectives, because i have no idea what was my purpose in there.

Overall if you reduce the effects, and disable headbobbing its quite nice start for something, overall eniviroment is quite nice but cant see much because of too much post proccessing.

But i see that this project is abandened, dont know why these things happen.

Nice game! A good combo of riddles and action, and the mansion is quite big. The atmosphere is also very good. It will be nice if there will be multiple endings. Thank you for the game!

Probably I am getting old or something but I had no idea what to do and also had serious performance issues with the game even on "good" quality due to the fact that I cannot turn off AA, motion blur and the rest of the effects individually. :(

Thank you for the interesting game. I experienced a lot of issues with the mannequin AI chasing me despite looking at them and some puzzles were really hard but I am glad they weren't all necessary to beat the game. The ending was a  little WTF though. I feel that introducing the gun was a bad idea and made the game trivial from that point. Fun, short game. Here is my Twitch playthrough.

i thought the title of the game was called behereit with an e lol whoops

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For a game made in just five weeks it's pretty well done.. it got annoying trying to interact with the items.. half of the time it was just a matter of not being centered on whatever item I was trying to interact with.. and sometimes, you come across items that would move in the opposite direction, or not at all when you tried to move them.

but overall, not bad!

Wait, Beherit, would this have something to do with the Behelit from Berserk?

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Yes. In the book "The Lesser Key of Solomon" there are two demons which match the name: "Beleth" and "Behrit". Japanese people write in kanji and have problems in translating western names, and also switch the letters "R" and "L". I believe that Berith/Beherith/Beherith is the right one since it means "pact" in Hebrew language/Aramaic (often as a pact with God/s). It's super-obvious that Miura Kentaro made the Hand of God inspired by the Cenobites ("Monks") from the movie/s "Hellraiser". They serve Leviathan (a mythical creature) which later became a greater demon in grimoires (The Sacred magic of Abramelin the Mage).  So it's not a coincidence at all that the amulet's name, Beherith, comes from a demon of another grimoire. The egg is a symbol of birth/rebirth, and the amulet works as a pact.

Curiosity: These grimoires are relatively moderns. They employ medieval titles (Duke, Marquis) which never existed in ancient times. Many demons (Baal, Amon, Astaroth/Ashtoreth, Haures) in reality are ancient gods from  Akkadik and Egyptian pantheons, turned into demons by medieval (christian and hebrew) occultists.

Old AF I know, but that is quite true

Absolutely stunningly amazing game! The puzzles were awesome, the "enemies" were spooky, and the environment was gorgeous! Unfortunately I ran into a few bugs that made my run unplayable, and there was no save function, so I lost all of my progress. It actually crashed at one point!

However, I'd like to see this polished up, and a more  stable version released! Great job!

Game had a lot of potential. Ashame it bugged out on me.

I do love a good puzzle, but sometimes i have no idea whats going on.

Beherit is an amazing game. I didn't face the monster head on but, I turned a corner and, saw the back of him that was enough to send shivers down my spine. Thankfully I didn't see him again after that! I didn't do a whole play through i'm sure I would have faced him then! This game is definitely worth the whole play through Beherit is amazing well done!

This was definitely a interesting and creepy game. Also really liked the ai system used. Though I wish there was some sort of "safe" area. At least make the puzzle rooms safe until you complete it so you wouldn't have to worry about multi tasking figuring out a puzzle and keeping the mannequin at bay. Otherwise great game.

Am I the only person stuck at the block-shadow puzzle? Two of the blocks seem immovable, which seems to prevent the puzzle from being solved.

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Thanks for the heads up, I've reverted the upload to an older version which should work.

Edit: This is now fixed in the newest version.

On Fastest graphics i don't see shadows on puzzles!

Thanks for the info, this is now fixed in the newest release.

Go into this red room filled with teddy bears..give head to mannequin... sure                      ( (≪●≫) )Д( (≪●≫) )

(full playthrough playlist here https://goo.gl/VHPMhc --)

--impressions and review---

I believe I'm about an hour and 30 mins in so far, and the puzzles are absolutely kicking my ass initially. I wish I was better at puzzles in general, since I think its a good mix of different style puzzles. The difficulty seems like it'd be good for someone looking for a challenge. Spooks wise the game has some good ambient creeps, loud thunder and I like the lighting! Like most indie games, a little more polish could always help since I noticed somethings feel like they operate on magnets and snap into place strangely or trigger oddly. Looking forward to playing more and the above playlist link will take you to the ongoing playthrough with all the episodes for the game I've done so far!

Keep up da good work yo!<3

I absolutely hate mannequins now. But I also enjoyed it to an incredible amount :P 

Really enjoyed this! Loved the design of the building and the pacing was great. It kept me interested in moving forward even without any obvious narrative. The puzzles were the highlight for me along with being chased by mannequins with fairly decent AI. Mannequins usually bore me.

Mainly only had two issues. Interacting with objects was problematic. I don't know if it's because I was in windowed mode instead of full but it wasn't as responsive and accurate clicking and dragging items and objects, which is important since the puzzles rely on that. 

Also, the lighting effects were lovely but that faded hazy film over everything was distracting and made everything look washed out and fuzzy. You spent so much time on details, I want to see them. Would really prefer visual clarity. 

Not usually a fan of atmospheric horror games that give you a gun farther in since it takes away the tension, but I think you balanced that well by having limited ammo with no counter and an increase in AI's aggression.

Encountered what seems like a bug near the end. The "person" just stops chasing me when moving the lion statues and is stuck in a loop of breaking through the door. Anyway, this was fun and well-executed with puzzles I really enjoyed. Kudos on getting this far in five weeks. Keep going and good luck on future projects! 

The feel of this game is epic....found slinging the bear across the room way more entertaining than i probably should have....lighting is well done and audio super well done....Would definitely recommend this.... 10/10

Genuinely Terrifying Mannequin.. Very well executed   

hey great game really enjoyed the feel of it looking forward to playing some more

awesome game, frustrating a lot of times too! but i enjoyed it. FULL GAME here XD

Fantastic game. It has everything a horror game needs: good graphics, amazing atmosphere, unique puzzles, and suspense. 

Hey there! I really enjoyed the game, though for my play through the mannequin kept getting stuck in the wall for the first part, and then in the end when I had the key to leave, I couldn't because the group of them kept spawn-killing me and I couldn't get out. I had to just quit the game. I really enjoyed the puzzles though! A nice blend of hard but not frustrating!

Oooh the stuff that's gonna be coming soon - 

And Part 2

Hey there, really digging the atmosphere of the game, although if I'm being fully honest - subjective to my opinion and all - I just couldn't get pass being "hunted" while trying to complete something. It was less scary and more annoying. But that just goes hand in hand with my play style, others will definitely get a kick out of it. Other than that I enjoyed the fear of something following you and you turn around and BOOM weeping angel vibes. Anyways, very impressive for a 5 week creation, hoping to see more from you.

Hey, thanks for the feedback! Things like that are super useful to hear about.

I've just published an update which reduced the AI's aggression, and reduced how often you'll encounter them during that section. 

Gave it a go...


Awesome Game Man Had A Great Time Playing It. I finished it after the video. Alot of thought went into this very good. I cant wait for whats next

a good decent game enjoy this crazy sheeet Dank memes with daniel