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A 4-player fighting game where you must battle to knock each other off the stage with different elemental attacks. 

At the start of the game a random player will be selected to have a powerful buff. The buff will charge up as the game progresses, and the selected player can choose when to activate it, becoming more powerful depending on how much has charged.

However, all the players are able to vote for who they think has the buff, and once one player has been voted for, they will be immediately eliminated. Vote correctly, and you will be able to reset the charge and give the buff to a new player, vote incorrectly and you will lose your chance to take out the buffed player.

When the player with the buff dies, in any way, a new player will be selected. When a new player is selected, everyone's controller will rumble, except for the player who now has the buff.

Controllers are required.

A - Jump
X - Light Attack
Y - Heavy Attack
B - Special Attack
RT - Shield/Dodge 
LB - Activate Buff
D-Pad - Vote

Made as a part of a game jam by:

Audio - Marco Campagnuolo.
Art - Elisa Seamark.
Programming - Lewis Lock, Joshua Kelly, Samuel Bassett


ChaosBuild.zip 20 MB

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